8 Best Facebook Tools To Help Your Business Growth

Facebook is a social media platform that has the most number of users. It is becoming a powerful tool for marketers too. Today Facebook is not just a special media platform, it offers marketing and advertising too.  A lot of brands and marketers like to post about their products and services on Facebook to connect with their audience.

Facebook helps them reach their target audience. With Facebook, marketers can advertise and promote their products. There are a lot of Facebook tools available and most of them are free tools that businesses can use to grow their business. With Facebook and its tools, marketers can attract growth for their business. If you want to use Facebook for growing your business here are some of the tools that can help you grow your business.

Facebook Tools For Business Growth

Here are some Facebook tools that will help you grow your business.

1. Facebook Live Streaming 

The Facebook live-streaming platform is a popular tool that helps businesses grow and engage with their audience. There are a lot of live-streaming service providers available in the industry still there are a lot of brands that prefer Facebook for live streaming. Facebook offers affordable live-streaming services and helps brands connect with their audience.


Facebook live streaming is a tool that helps brands connect and engage with their audience. With live streaming brands and hosts of the streams can advertise their products and services. They can monetize their live streaming. With live streaming, businesses can grow their audience, and they can reach a wider audience from around the world.

2. Facebook Ads Manager 

Facebook ads are the most popular tool that Facebook offers. There are a lot of marketers, advertisers, and brands who use Facebook ads. Facebook ad manager is a tool that helps in managing and analyzing Facebook ads. Facebook ad manager cab helps in creating ads and targeting audiences. With Facebook, ads organizers can reach their target audience easily. You can manage a lot of ads and ad campaigns through an ad manager. Facebook ad manager is a free Facebook tool.


3. Facebook Commerce Manager 


Another Facebook tool that can help the business grow is the commerce manager. It is a platform that manages the sales and catalog of the brand on Facebook.


Facebook commerce manager is a free tool that Facebook offers for brands and individuals who want to sell and promote their products on Facebook. It is a very useful tool for growing businesses as it offers options for setting up a shop, managing sales and catalogs, allowing checkouts and payment options. Facebook commerce can be an effective tool if you are a small business trying to offer products and services.

4. Facebook Creator Studio 

Creator studio is a powerful tool that businesses can use to grow their social media presence. Creator studio offers all the tools that anyone will need to manage and plan their content on Facebook and Instagram. It also updates users about the new features that Facebook is rolling out. With Facebook, creator studio users can keep track of their content marketing, strategy, scheduling, and posting. Creator studio is accessible for both mobile and desktop users. Creator studio will help brands manage their content.


5. AdEspresso

The next tool on our list is AdEspresso. It is a very useful tool that allows you to manage ads and ad campaigns not just on facebook but also for Instagram and google ads.

AdEspresso is a convenient tool that allows you to manage all the ads on the same platform, so you don’t have to switch between ad managers of different platforms. It also offers insights for different ads and campaigns and offers sharing of the accounts and other data in pdf, document, or excel format. It saves the management time of the business.


6. Facebook Audience Insights 

Audience insight is a marketing tool that facebook offers for free for managing insights. Only admins can access Facebook insights and it is available for the pages that have more than 30+ page followers. It can help you understand more about your audience and can be used to boost engagement on the platform.

The platform helps marketers on Facebook better understand their target audience, their demographics, and geographical location. It can help in understanding whether your marketing strategies are performing well on Facebook or not. It’s an impactful tool for facebook businesses and marketers.


7. Facebook Pixel 

Facebook Pixel is the next tool that marketers can use, it helps them track their audience. It will help marketers and businesses know about the user’s activity after they click on the ad. It not just helps Facebook marketers to analyze the ad performance but also helps them create a custom audience for Facebook ads and marketing. Pixel is a code that is added to the website for tracking. It will help in estimating website traffic and also help marketers know how the audience is engaging with their website. A marketer uses it to retarget its website visitors.

8. RafflePress

If you want to be viral on Facebook RafflePress is the tool for you. It helps with content and giveaways for creating a viral Facebook post. It is a WordPress plugin for Facebook. It is a very easy-to-use tool with RafflePress you don’t have to do much. It has a drag-and-drop option and with RafflePress you can easily create an attractive landing page for the giveaways. It is the best tool for hosting a giveaway on Facebook. You can ask people to like a particular Facebook post or comment on a certain post to take part in the giveaway.

The Bottom Line 

Facebook is a platform that offers a lot of features from affordable live streaming for events and brands to marketing for brands it can do all. Today marketers understand that it is important for them to reach their audience and offer them their products and services. What is better than their favorite social media platform, Facebook?

With Facebook businesses can run ads, host giveaways, track audience, offer e-commerce, etc. The above-mentioned tools can help marketers with their business growth. So if you are just using Facebook for business it’s time to upgrade to another Facebook tool too.

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