Azure Machine Learning – Microsoft Azure Essentials

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning – Microsoft Azure Essentials Description

The third ebook in the series provides an introduction to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, a service that allows developers to create predictive analytics models using training datasets from various data sources and then quickly deploy those models for usage as cloud web services. An overview of contemporary data science philosophy and ideas, along with the related process, are presented in the ebook. Following that, it discusses some of the more popular machine learning methods now in use. Using real-world data, it creates a range of predictive analytics models, tests a number of machine learning algorithms, and then deploys the resulting models as machine learning web services on Azure in a matter of minutes. The ebook explores the various client and server apps you can develop to use Azure Machine Learning web services by expanding on an example of a functional Azure Machine Learning prediction model.

This open book has an Open Publication License attached to it (OPL). You can obtain a free PDF ebook download for Azure Machine Learning (8.0 MB).


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