Best 5 Viber Tracking Apps

Viber Tracking Apps

In the long list of instant messenger chat apps, Viber has its importance. Some features and characteristics make this one of the most popular instant messenger apps in the whole world. It is available for use in more than 190 countries all over the world. The app has been growing continuously as nearly 500000000 downloads were reported through the Google play store according to 2021 reports about Viber. More than 820000000 Viber users switch to the instant messenger chat app every month. These types of flourishing figures show that Viber is one of the most commonly used apps all around the globe. The purpose of usage can be different depending upon the nature of the user. It can be used just to contact friends or family or to make new friends. On the other hand, one can even incorporate the instant messenger chat app into the work-life to improve professionally. There are even tools and apps that offer Viber tracking features to its users.

Viber tracking apps or monitoring software offer remote access to the target device. By having that user can know everything about the target Viber account and activities. The best 5 Viber tracking apps are discussed below. Each of the apps has different pros and cons but at the end of the day, they promise to deliver efficient monitoring features for Viber monitoring.


OgyMogy comes to the top of the list when it’s too instant messenger chat app monitoring. The app covers more than 10 social media and instant messenger chat app platforms. One of them is Viber. Both android and iPhone users can enjoy the services as the app offer viber tracking app. Viber account details, group chat, messages, and media files shared through the platforms, call log data and any other activity is in remote access of the user. All the information is saved with timestamped information. So you can track any awkward timing call or text message received or made by your teen. On the other hand, keep a thorough check on the employees and their Viber activities. The app can especially be used for keeping a check on work activities during working hours.


TheOneSpy Android spying software offers online and offline tracking of the target through smart devices. The app offer version for android,iPhone, Windows, and Mac. Get the app and monitor the Viber chat and all types of conversation. The user is given access to the contacts of the Viber account, group chat and private chat activities, and much more. The only drawback of using this app is that it does not offer services for iPhone monitoring.


EvaSpy is another excellent app that offers instant messenger chat app monitoring including Viber. One can read sent and received messages, track the Viber account or nickname and monitor all the Viber activities remotely. Parents can use this app to eliminate the chance of their kids being cyberbullied through the Viber platform. On the other hand, people using it for work purposes can enjoy the features for employee monitoring.


Another top-class app that offers Viber screen monitoring features is FLEXISPY. The app offers a monitoring feature for multiple types of platforms. One can monitor the android, iPhone, iPad, and computers. Along with Viber, there is a long list of social media monitoring features that can be monitored by using the spy app. The app offers three different types of bundles. Lite bundle does not offer Viber monitoring features though. The premium and extreme bundles though contain the Viber monitoring feature. The bundle is 79$ and 119$ respectively.


Ikey monitor is another app that can be used for android monitoring. The app can be installed on a phone that has been rooted. In case you want to skip the rooting step the app offer services on a non-rooted device as well. Viber spy app features are not offered in the free bundle deal. User need to avail of the paid option for enjoying the Viber monitoring features.

Viber tracking apps need physical access to the target device at the time of installation. Once it’s done user can remotely know about the Viber account and other relevant features. Get your favorite app now and enjoy the digital monitoring features at their best.

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