Cisco Secure Internet Security Solutions

Cisco Secure Internet Security Solutions

Cisco Secure Internet Security Solutions Book Description

Presently, no publication is addressing Internet security from an Cisco viewpoint using Cisco Secure. Cisco Secure products. Cisco Secure Internet Security Solutions will cover the fundamentals of Internet security, and then focuses on the individual members of the Cisco Secure product family, offering a thorough explanation and examples of the most effective settings for protecting Internet connections. The book is designed for networking professionals who are who are responsible for protecting the company’s connectivity to Internet the book begins by describing the dangers that are posed through the Internet and then moves on to an in-depth description about Cisco Secure. Cisco Secure product family.

The components that make up Cisco Secure are discussed in detail. Cisco Secure product family are reviewed in depth with detailed instructions provided on how to set up each component to meet the requirements of your system. Cisco Secure PIX Firewall is thoroughly covered from an architectural standpoint to give a detailed overview of PIX command and its usage on the ground.


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