CompTIA Security Get Certified Get Ahead SY0 401 Study Guide

CompTIA Security Get Certified Get Ahead SY0 401 Study Guide

CompTIA Security+ Get Certification to Get Ahead SY0-401 Study Guide is an update of the bestseller SY0-301 study guide that has helped thousands of students get through their exam on the very first try they attempted the test. The SY0-301 edition covers all aspects that is required for the exam. exam and has the same components that people raved about in the earlier version.

Each of the 11 chapters covers topics in a simple to understand way and contains practical examples of security concepts applied. The author makes use of several of the same examples and explanations that he’s developed in his classroom that have helped hundreds of students understand understanding the Security+ content. It will help you understand the essential and relevant security concepts to pass taking the Security+ exam and not be overwhelmed with irrelevant details. Furthermore, each chapter contains a thorough review sections to aid you in understanding the most important aspects.

The book contains over 400 practice questions that are explained in depth will assess your understanding and prepare to take the exam. The book comes with an 100-question pre-test and a post-test of 100 questions as well as practice questions at the end of each chapter. Each test practice question is accompanied by the explanation in detail to aid you in understanding the material and the reason for the questions. You’ll be able to succeed on this exam in the very first attempt you attempt it.

If you are planning to take any of the more advanced Security certifications this book will help you establish an excellent foundation of security expertise. If you master this information, you’ll be one step ahead to take other tests. This study guide for SY0-401 is for every IT Security or IT professional who is interested in progressing in their field it is a must read for those who want to master the fundamentals of IT security systems.


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