Game Based and Adaptive Learning Strategies

Game Based and Adaptive Learning Strategies

Game Based and Adaptive Learning Strategies

by Carrie Lewis Miller, Odbayar Batsaikhan, Yilin (Leon) Chen, Elizabeth Pluskwik, Jeffrey R. Pribyl


This book is intended to go along with the graduate-level course Game-Based and Adaptive Learning in instructional design, but it can also be utilised in undergraduate courses in teacher preparation or instructional design.

The texts and materials for this book’s first edition were created for Brandeis University’s MS in Learner Experience Design programme. Instructional designers, in-service teachers, and pre-service teachers can all learn about game-based and adaptable learning using this content. The last chapter contains evaluations that were utilised in the actual game-based and adaptive learning course and offers suggestions for assessments of the learning outcomes. This book’s content works nicely with The EGG’s Using Game-Based Learning Online: A Cookbook of Recipes.

The Faculty Showcase materials were created by committed professors over the course of a year-long workshop on game development, during which faculty members were introduced to GBL, worked on game prototypes, played a range of games, and finally playtested their creations. This book was partially inspired by the work they are still doing in the field of GBL. Contact me at carrie.miller@mnsu.edu if you would like to submit your own case study for review.

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