HackSpace Magazine: Issue 56

HackSpace Magazine

MonoGame Role-Playing Game Development Succinctly

by Jim Perry, Charles Humphrey.


We’ll help you convert your project into a product, and along the road it’ll make you a better maker. This includes helping you with component selection, packaging, marketing, and the million other things you need to do as you scale up production.

– Create a rocket-powered wing-wing glider using balsa wood and 3D printed components (it’s similar to the space shuttle but smaller, cheaper, and, dare we say it, better);

– If you’re fortunate enough to have a bag of cement left over, learn new concrete projects to do;

– Utilize the magic of dithering to regulate the brightness of addressable LEDs;

– Create electrical projects for fun without worrying about harming the environment.

The Creative Commons License is in effect for this open book (CC BY-NC-SA). Issue 56 of HackSpace Magazine is available as a free PDF download (54.2 MB).

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