How to create computer software?

create computer software

Computer software is a program in which a set of functions are integrated for one or more well-defined services or functionalities. Today, computer software is used daily in various fields: IT, finance, statistics, sports, among others. Although they are easily accessible everywhere, computer software often requires complex work to be designed. If you want to create computer software, here are some guidelines for doing so.

The importance of the pre-project for the successful development of your computer software

Whether you create the software yourself or seek the services of a professional, it is important to properly set up a preliminary project and define precise specifications for your software. This is an important step where you will draw up all the ideas and needs related to the software creation project.

Thanks to the preliminary project, you will be able to define all the characteristics of your future software. It will be necessary to emphasize realistic and useful objectives for you or for the general public. The implementation of the preliminary project will be a sure guarantee of security and promotes the success of your project.

The stages of creating software if you master one or more computer programming languages

If you have advanced knowledge in computer development, you can simply use one or more programming languages. Indeed, the design basis of any computer software goes through a programming language. In this context, there is a multiplicity of them: language C , C++ , Java , Python , C# , Objective-C , among others. The choice of languages ​​depends specifically on the type of program you wish to develop and the various functions included.


It will also depend on the preliminary project that you will have drawn up and that integrates the various characteristics and objectives of your program. Start with a brainstorming session to see if the software you want to create already exists on the market. The ideal is to design a different computer program with more improvements or innovations.

Once your preliminary project has been created and the specifications defined, you can follow the steps to program your software. It starts with choosing the right programming language. You will also need to choose a good text editor like Notepad++ , Sublime Text or JEdit with which you will code your future software. You will also need to download a compiler or a language interpreter.

Some of these languages ​​are both editor and compiler. Do you master one of the programming languages? So you can start building your prototype. As the development progresses, it will be necessary to proceed to the alpha test phase where it will be necessary to classify and solve the bugs, add and lock the functionalities. It will be necessary to continue the tests in order to hunt all the bugs and technical concerns of your software under development.

Once all the tests have been completed, you can then go to the final deployment phase and use your program according to the dedicated function. For more quality, you can have your software created by major programmers reviewed by making it open source on sites like python.org or LibreOffice .

The steps to create software if you have no knowledge of computer development

If you do not have the computer knowledge required to create software, you have the choice between two possible options:

Train in computer development

To create computer software without real knowledge, you can first train yourself in computer development. Before you start, you will need:

  • training in a specialized school,
  • read computer programming books online or in classic bookstores,
  • follow free written or video tutorials on the internet,
  • participate in computer forums, etc.

Once you have the basics required on at least one computer language, you can then create software. The ideal is to be able to familiarize yourself with the main commands of one or more of your languages. For this, you can start by creating small programs before embarking on more complex applications. Do not hesitate to seek the expertise and help of more seasoned people in the creation of computer software like deskflex.com that design best software for Online platforms. If you have all the necessary computer knowledge, it suffices to follow the same development process illustrated in the previous paragraph.

Use a graphics software editor

If you are not computer literate or only have some computer basics, you can also use a graphics software editor. Indeed, the use of these editors does not require real computer knowledge. This type of computer program can edit and manipulate images through different methods.

You will only have to manipulate a set of icons, buttons, frames, bars, among others. Depending on the specificity of your software to be created, it is up to you to integrate the different functions and systems. You can easily create the different graphic windows of your software and integrate the various functionalities. In this context, the best-known graphic editors are Visual Studio and WinDev. You will find on the market, other free or paying editors to create your computer software easily.

Using a graphic editor makes it possible to avoid getting too lost in the different lines of computer code and above all to save time. It should, however, be noted that some graphic editors require some computer basics for better use. Do not hesitate, in this case, to follow the various blogs, forums, tutorials and others, dedicated specifically to graphic editors.

Hire a professional to develop your software

Whether you have computer knowledge or not, you can simply hire a company for the development of your software . There are an infinity of them where real experts in web or mobile development work. As a professional, they will be able to design quality software for you by scrupulously respecting the specifications that you have given them. To choose your professional in software creation, it will be necessary to be based on a given set of very specific criteria.

It will, first of all, be very careful about the reputation. You can visit the publisher’s website to see its various achievements, read customer reviews or request a quote. For more quality, you can take into account the experience, the development solutions offered, the price, etc.

It is recommended that you go to a company specializing in software development rather than a generalist web agency more specialized in the creation of websites. To find said software development company, you can opt for the traditional word-of-mouth method. You can do better by going through an online comparator or an ad site. Once the professional has been chosen and the specifications have been clearly defined, your software will be designed and well adapted to your needs and expectations.

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