Mastering Mobile Forensics

Mastering Mobile Forensics

Mastering Mobile Forensics Book Description

Mobile forensics pose a major issue for the forensics community because of the speedy and irresistible technological advancements. This book is designed to give the forensic community with an in-depth knowledge of mobile forensic techniques to dealing with the latest smartphones and operating systems.

Beginning with a brief explanation of forensic methods and methods, you will be able to comprehend the fundamentals of carving files, GPS analysis, and string analysis. Also, you will be able to discern the distinction between encryption, encoding and hashing techniques and come familiar with the basics in reverse engineering. The book will take through iOS, Android and Windows Phone design and filesystems then show you various techniques for forensics and data gathering methods.

The book also covers advanced techniques for forensics and learn how to handle third-party applications through cases studies. This book will help you master data acquisition using Windows Phone 8. When you finish this book, you’ll be familiar with the best methods and the various methods used to perform mobile forensics.

What you’ll be able to

  • Learn about the mobile forensics model and learn about mobile device for forensics
  • Learn in-depth about the acquisition of smartphones and methods for acquisition.
  • Get a thorough knowledge of the structure of Operating Systems, File Formats and the internal memory of mobile phones.
  • Explore the subject security for mobile devices as well as data leaks, evidence recovery
  • Learn about more advanced topics like GPS analysis File carving encryption, encryption, decoding, and unpacking mobile applications methods



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