Practical Digital Forensics

Practical Digital Forensics

Practical Digital Forensics Book Description

Digital Forensics is a methodology that uses a variety of techniques, tools, and programming languages. This book will guide you to get starting with digital forensics and will then guide you through making an investigation plan as well as preparing a the necessary tools to conduct an investigation.

In this book, you’ll look into new and exciting techniques and tools for forensics that are based on disruptive technology that give experienced and novice practitioners the opportunity to gain the control of their cases. In the course of the book, you’ll learn about the technical aspect of digital forensics, as well as different tools needed to conduct digital forensics. The book starts by providing a brief overview of what constitutes digital evidence and its location, it’s located, and the methods by which it is forensically assessed to aid investigators. The book guides you through chapters that will examine the reasons and conditions of digital forensic investigations and describes the methods of evidence recovery and preservation from a variety of digital devices, such as mobile phones, as well as other forms of media. The book offers a variety of simulations and case studies that can help you apply the information and theories to real-world scenarios.

When you finish this book, you’ll have gained an understanding in digital forensics as well as its most important elements.

What You’ll Learn

  • Get familiar with a range of digital devices and applications and operating devices that store digital evidence.
  • Recognize and appreciate the purpose and potential of forensic techniques as well as tools to find and retrieve digital evidence.
  • Get a better understanding of the crucial importance of recovering digital evidence that is in perfect condition, and also ensuring its secure handling, from seizure to presenting it as evidence in the courtroom.
  • Know the qualities of digital evidence, and the places it could be hidden. It can be found on a variety of electronic devices.
  • Learn about the significance and the challenges in digital analysis of evidence and the ways it could be used to aid in court investigations and cases.
  • Explore new technologies and processes that allow forensic professionals and other parties to leverage digital evidence more efficiently.


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