Practical Linux Security Cookbook

Practical Linux Security Cookbook

Practical Linux Security Cookbook Book Description

Due to the rising popularity of Linux increasing numbers of administrators are switching to the system in order to build servers or networks to accomplish every task. This has made Linux the preferred choice for anyone who is now a threat. Because of the absence of information on security-related attacks administrators are now faced with difficulties in dealing with these threats in the quickest manner possible. Understanding the various types of Linux security will allow you to create an even more secure Linux system.

No matter if you’re brand novice to Linux administration or have a long-standing experience the subject, this book will equip you with the necessary knowledge to help secure your system.

With numerous step-by step recipe instructions, this book begins by introducing the reader to different security threats that can be a threat to Linux systems. Then, you’ll go through the process of customizing your Linux kernel and secure local files. After that, you’ll learn to manage remote and local user authentication and also to prevent threats to networks. In the end, you will be taught how to patch the bash vulnerability and check system logs for security.

With numerous images in every instance, this book will provide a fantastic learning experience , and will aid you in developing more secure Linux systems.

What will you discover

  • Learn about vulnerabilities and exploits that are related to Linux systems.
  • Configure and create an encrypted kernel and test it
  • Learn more about file permissions, security, and learn how to secure alter files
  • Explore different methods that authenticate users in your area and monitor their actions.
  • Remotely authenticate users and secure copy files from remote systems
  • Examine various methods for securing your network such as firewalls using iptables, TCP Wrapper
  • Explore a variety of security tools, including Port Sentry, Squid Proxy, Shorewall, and many more.
  • Understand Bash vulnerability/security and patch management


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