Pro iOS Security and Forensics

Pro iOS Security and Forensics

Find out how you can protect iOS devices secure in the real world and create company-wide policies regarding iPhones as well as assessing and protecting against cyber attacks and vulnerabilities using preinstalled software and third-party tools and strategies to keep your data secure, including the backup process and locking your screen.

Maintaining and managing iPhones and iPads within a corporate or other business setting requires attention to security issues. IT professionals and managers need to understand how to develop and communicate corporate policies making use of iOS devices at work and use security and forensics tools that help safeguard and manage them.

There are two devices: the iPhone or iPad are widely used in a variety of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies down to garage-based startups. These devices must have secure and easily monitored ways connecting to the Internet, to store and transfer data with no leaks, and be monitored in the case of theft or theft by physical means.

Pro iOS Security and Forensics provides all the information you need in addition to providing ways to inform employees regarding the policies that your company has in place, the reasons why these policies are crucial and how to comply with the guidelines.

The Things You’ll Be Learning

  • Review policies for communication and the requirements for the use of iPhones
  • Protect your iPhone within the world of physical reality
  • Access the Internet safely
  • Discover ways to keep your data secure such as backing up and screening locks

For Whom? This Book Is For

IT and management professionals who work in an office environment using iPhones as well as iPads.


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