Python Unit Test Automation

Python Unit Test Automation

Learn how to quickly automate unit testing Python 3 code using Python 3 automation libraries such as nose, nose2, pytest and doctest.

This book explains the key concepts of software testing and how they are implemented in Python 3. It also demonstrates how to automate and organize unit tests in this language. These knowledge can be acquired through reading manuals and source code. It is also possible to ask questions in community forums which can often prove painful and slow.

Through the use of code examples, exercises and code examples, Python Unit Test Automation will help you quickly increase your knowledge of Python 3’s unit test libraries. This book is a great resource for testers and software developers who want to learn unit test automation in Python 3 as well as compare it with Python 2.

This is your essential guide to software testing in Python.

What you’ll learn:

  • The most important concepts in testing
  • There are many Python test automation libraries, including doctest, unittest and nose2 for Python.
  • Best practices for Python test automation and test-driven development
  • Exercises and code examples

This Book is for:

Python developers, testers, open-source enthusiasts, and contributors to Python community.


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