Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi

Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi

Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi

by David Crookes, PJ Evans, Rosie Hattersley, Nicola King, Phil King, KG Orphanides, Mark Vanstone


In the updated edition of our retro gaming guide, learn how to configure a Raspberry Pi to play vintage games. This 164-page guide will teach you how to construct a portable gaming system, put together a full-sized arcade cabinet, and replicate vintage computers and gaming consoles. Our detailed instructions make every project simple! Additionally, you’ll discover how to use Python and Pygame to create your own programmes for vintage arcade games.

Inside Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi:
– Set up Raspberry Pi for retro gaming;
– Emulate classic computers and consoles;
– Learn to program retro-style games;
– Build a portable console, arcade cabinet, and pinball machine;
– And much, much more!

This open book is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA). You can download Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi ebook for free in PDF format (22.2 MB).

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