The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto

The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto

“It’s our thesis that privacy will be an integral part of the next wave in the technology revolution and that innovators who are emphasizing privacy as an integral part of the product lifecycle are on the right track.” The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto

The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto – Getting beyond Policy and Code Quality to Value is the first of its kindto provide practical solutions that have been tested in the field, going beyond the realm of mere theory, and providing clear perspectives on the issues and opportunities that arise from the emergence of the “personal” information economy.

Their authors, an knowledgeable team of long-time industry experts, provide a detailed explanation of the ways to incorporate security into your processes, products as well as applications and systems. The book offers insight on translating the guiding light of OECD Privacy Guidelines, the Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs), Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP) and Privacy by Design (PbD) into concrete concepts that organizations, software/hardware engineers, and system administrators/owners can understand and apply throughout the product or process life cycle–regardless of development methodology–from inception to retirement, including data deletion and destruction.

In addition to offering practical ways to apply privacy engineering methods they also outline how to plan and organize an organization or business to manage and support processes, products and systems, as well as applications that need personal information. The authors also provide suggestions on the need to consider and assign worth to the personal data assets that are being safeguarded. In the end, the group of experts offer their thoughts on the new information age that is just beginning, and how we can survive in a world full of sensor technology and billions of information points, without losing our morals as well as value(s )…and even have some enjoyment.

The Privacy Engineer’s manifesto has been intended to be used by many stakeholders: Anybody who is responsible for designing or developing, deploying, or review processes, products, systems, and applications that handle personal data that includes software/hardware engineers, technical product and program managers, sales and support engineers as well as system integrators IT professionals, lawyers and information security and privacy professionals. This book is essential reading for anyone working in the world of personal data.

Privacy is an essential part of the next phase of the technological revolution. Those who insist on security as an important component of the life cycle of a product are on the right track.

The Foreword is written by the Dr. Eric Bonabeau, PhD Chairperson, Icosystem, Inc. & Dean of Computational Sciences, Minerva Schools at KGI.


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