What is TurboTax Error 1921 & 65535?

TurboTax error 65535 typically appears when users are just beginning to install TurboTax on their computers, and the error code prevents them from completing the installation entirely. Because there is little information on the subject available online, TurboTax errors are typically difficult to resolve. Before installing TurboTax, the user should disable their antivirus and firewall software. It is recommended that the installation file be run as an administrator, which can be accomplished by right-clicking on the file and selecting the Run as administrator option.

Steps to Fix TurboTax Error code 65535


TurboTax has released a fix-it tool for this problem, which can be downloaded easily by clicking on this link. The tool is an executable file that should modify the registry permissions to fit the PC and allow installation. Download and run the TurboTax Fix-it Tool.


The Task Manager utility can assist the user in determining which services are causing the computer to crash. Simply select End task by right-clicking on the MSIexec.exe entry in Task Manager’s Processes tab. The user may also attempt to install TurboTax from a CD or installation file on his or her computer.


Many users have reported that the TurboTax error 1921 occurs frequently on their computers. It is a problem that prevents users from opening the software and displays the message ‘Intuit Update Service’ could not be stopped. Ascertain that the user has the required permissions to shut down the system. The error is clearly related to TurboTax updates, and it may cause the software to become obsolete by preventing the update process from working.


Some of the most common causes of TurboTax error 1921 on a user’s computer are as follows. Examine them:

  • The Microsoft.NET Framework may be broken or out of date.
  • TurboTax is not fully installed on the computer.
  • The problem can also occur when a user inadvertently deletes an important TurboTax file.
  • The system’s Windows Registry files have been compromised.
  • Malware or a virus could have infiltrated the system and compromised the TurboTax files.
  • The error is the result of faulty software on the system.


The user has several options for resolving TurboTax error 1921. Here are a couple of examples: Take things slowly at first.


  • One of the first steps should be to restart the system.
  • To access the Task Manager, enter “Task Manager” in the search box and select the first result.
  • Exit the program once all running tasks, including TurboTax, have been completed.
  • Press the Windows Key to select Restart.
  • Relaunch TurboTax, and if the error persists, proceed to the next solution.


  • In Windows 10, right-click on the Windows logo and select the 11th option from the PowerShell list at the top of the Windows screen (ADMIN).
  • Wait a few moments after entering CMD into the Power Shell console.
  • Right now, execute the command wuauclt.exe/update.
  • If any updates are missing, Windows will download them automatically.


  1. What exactly is TurboTax error code 70001?

Error 70001 usually means that the user is running two TurboTax Desktop Software programs at the same time. To resolve this, uninstall the software by force, restart the computer, and reinstall it. If you are still confused then you can contact TurboTax Customer service chat to get instant help.

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